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We are dedicated to helping you to enjoy a clean and healthy environment so you can focus on other more important things.
Although no environment is dust-free, regular cleaning helps minimize the amount of dust on your carpets, upholstery, blinds and other surfaces, as the cleaning eliminates germs and allergens. When your home or business is clean, not only will your family and employees be happier, but they may also be healthier.
As pet owners and lovers, we believe pets are important and also part of the family. We understand that, over time, pet hair starts to add up and we take pride in focusing on those areas where pet hair tends to collect, such as under beds and couches, furniture, upholstery, the bottom of chair legs, etc.
Our cleaning services can be tailored and customized to better fit your particular needs.

Residential Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services are personalized to meet the needs of each and every customer. We are happy to create a plan to best suit your needs, you can always add or subtract items from our standardized cleaning guidelines.
Our residential cleaning services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to meet your particular needs. We also offer one-time residential cleaning services.
If you select our regular residential cleaning service, our team will perform the following:

Kitchen Cleaning

• Clean and disinfect kitchen countertops & backsplash
• Wash and clean stovetop and hood
• Scrub and sanitize kitchen sink and faucet
• Clean microwave inside and out
• Wipe exterior of all kitchen cabinets
• Clean/wipe kitchen table and chairs
• Dust and wipe all surfaces
• Clean and shine all appliances such as stove, hood, fridge and dishwasher
• Clean and wipe windowsills
• Empty trash and replace bag
• Vacuum baseboards, area rugs and floors
• Mop the floors

Bathrooms Cleaning

• Vacuum bathroom fan
• Clean and wipe windowsills
• Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of toilet bowl, top to bottom
• Clean and sanitize bathroom sinks and faucets
• Clean vanity sink
• Clean exterior of bathroom cabinets
• Wash and sanitize tubs, walls and shower enclosure
• Clean and polish mirrors
• Fold and organize bathroom towels
• Empty wastebaskets and replace bags
• Dust and clean baseboards
• Vacuum and mop floors

Bedrooms Cleaning

• Make the beds
• Vacuum wall vents
• Clean and wipe windowsills
• Dust and wipe picture frames, knick knacks and decors
• Dust and wipe all flat surfaces and furniture
• Clean and polish mirrors
• Vacuum rugs and all floors including under the beds
• Mop the floors

Living Areas

• Vacuum wall vents
• Dust and wipe furniture
• Clean and wipe shelves, table and chairs
• Clean and polish all mirrors
• Vacuum sofa and fluff up cushions
• Vacuum carpeted areas and all area rugs
• Vacuum and mop all floors

Deep Cleaning

Even with recurring cleaning services, your home can still get dirty over time, and will eventually require a more thorough type of cleaning to get to those extra areas that need some attention. We recommend scheduling a deep cleaning once or twice a year to bring your home back into top condition and looking its best.

Our deep cleaning service can include the following:

• Interior of windows, including tracks, frames and glasses

• Dust and wash baseboards

• Clean ceiling fans and wall vents

• Clean blinds, doors and door frames

• Interior and exterior of kitchen appliances, as well as move stove/fridge/dishwasher to clean behind and around

• Dust all shelves and bookcases thoroughly

• Remove cobwebs (ceilings, high and low corners)

We are also happy to create a plan that best fits your specific needs.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Our move in/out cleaning services are great for home buyers who want their new home thoroughly cleaned before moving in, for home sellers who are getting their house ready for the market, and also for realtors who wish to provide extended services for their clients by referring us.

Our move in/out cleaning can be tailored to suit your needs, and may include:

• Doors and trims

• Baseboards

• Interior windows, including tracks, frames and glasses

• Interior and exterior of kitchen and bathrooms cabinets, including drawers

• Move stove/fridge/dishwasher to clean behind and around

• Light fixtures, switches and power outlets

• Ceiling fans, wall vents and exhausts

• Removal of cobwebs

• Cleaning of refrigerator, freezer, microwave and oven

Commercial Cleaning

Regular commercial cleaning services can make a big difference for your employees and guests, they will feel more comfortable in a clean environment and may be more productive without the distraction of overflowing waste baskets and dusty shelves.

Our regular office cleaning service include the following:

• Dust and wipe tables and desks

• Clean spills and stains

• Clean chairs

• Dust and clean equipment (computers, keyboards, phones, printers)

• Clean window panes and glass surfaces

• Clean light fixtures

• Vacuum carpeted and non carpeted floors

• Empty trash and replace liners

• Disinfect and wash toilets and urinals

• Disinfect and wash sinks and faucets

• Clean mirrors

• Clean hand dryers

• Refill soap dispensers and paper products

• Mop all floors

Medical and Dental Clinics

Doctor’s offices, dental practices and other medical facilities.
We understand healthcare professionals face more risk in the workplace and must adhere to rigorous standards of cleanliness and sanitation. New Gleam Cleaning Services is committed to helping to reduce the spread of germs and help minimize the risks of cross-contamination, which is critical for protecting patients and employees.

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